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Starters & Snacks
Soup of the Day
freshly prepared everyday; if the daily soup is "Ezo", don't miss it!
😍 Bishop Falafel
keeps your hands occupied until your food is prepared
👍 Beer Mate
these crispy snacks will "disappear" from the table as soon as served
French Fries
just the regular French Fries; nothing special
👍 Chicken Fingers
the special crispy formula is developed by Turkish Scientists
Mezze Platter
best with Raki; also, you can share your personal problems with it
Wine Platter
designed for you to feel special; cheeses, fruits...
don't try to eat with fork and knife; just use your hands!
Fresh Pasta & Noodle
😍 Fresh Tagliatelle Alfredo
it should be different than Barilla; so we make our own pasta (add chicken, add tenderloin stripes) 
Fresh Tagliatelle Pomodoro
its name is long but it takes little time for you to finish the plate
👍 Crispy Turkish Dumplings
it is home made with Turkish traditional folkloric music
eating this with chop sticks is pure torture; just use fork & knife (add chicken, add tenderloin stripes) 
Main Course
👍 Giant Chicken Schnitzel
you are free to ask "how many people will eat this?"
Giant Wiener Schnitzel
it is the cousin of the one on the top and it is really awesome
👍 Bishop Meatballs
just before you ask; we don't share our secret recipe
👍 Grilled Chicken Breasts
we will serve these with rice and potato for the ones happy with their belly
Curry Chicken
Bollywood never experienced Curry Chicken this good
😍 Beef Medallions
king of the mountain is back!
👍 Bishop Delight
it is just yummy and tender as the name suggests
😍Cafe de Paris
the song "Sous le ciel de Paris" is written for this plate
Beef Strogonoff
we stole the recipe from the master chef of Kremlin Palace
Fish & Chips
tried and suggested by British Symphony Orchestra
Pizza Margherita
thinner, crispier and much better
👍 Pizza Misto
you can't make everybody happy; but this pizza can!
 😍 Quattro Formaggi
actually it is 5 types of cheeses if you count the parmesan on top
😍 Ceasar Salad
timeless classic; our special sauce, crouton and parmesan
(add chicken, add crispy chicken, add tenderloin stripes) 
Goat Cheese and Arugula Salad
love story of goat cheese and honey mustard sauce
👍 Arnold Schwarzenegger
your muscle machine gym teacher will envy this platter; your dietitian will prescribe this platter 5 times a day
House Burger
the burger that doesn't need any instagram filters
👍 Bishop Burger
key to happiness, love, peace and business success
Bishop Animal
listen your inner voice; of course you deserve the second patty!
San Sebastian
impossible to find better in 20km range
Chocolate Souffle
impossible to find better in 200km range
Red Wine
Angora Black 
Ancyra Öküzgözü
Ancyra Kalecik Karası
Ancyra Merlot
Selection Öküzgözü Boğazkere
White Wine
Angora Beyaz
Selection Narince Emir
Blush & Roze
Angora Roze
Blush by Moncigale
Tuborg Draft 33cl.
👍Tuborg Draft 50cl.
Tuborg Gold 50cl.
Efes Pilsen 33cl. 
Amsterdam Navigator
Bomonti Unfiltered
Captain Morgan
Havana Club
Tequila & Cognac
👍Olmeca Shot
Don Julio Bianca
Bishop Cocktail
be the rain of Limoncello on top of African Savanas
👍Holy Moly
don't say "does red berries and melon match?"; it is just perfect
Malibu Shark
coconuts and sharks... like Bonnie and Clyde
😍 Ottoman Slap
you will not be able to order the second one after finishing first
Classical Cocktail
still its name is mispronounced in our country
Lyncburgh Lemonade
it is just little bit different than Bishop Lemonade
👍 Long Island Iced Tea
"that is the way uh huh uh huh, I like it uh huh uh huhu"
Aperol Spritz
don't believe if they say "this is a breakfast drink in Milano"
😍Vanilla Sky
you will look cool with it; the table on your left will be jealous...
Liquor & Vermouth
👍 Baileys
😍 Jagermeister Shot
👍 Jack Daniels 
Red Label
Chivas Regal
😍 Black Label
👍 Smirnoff / Absolute
😍 Ketel One
👍 Gordon's Gin
😍 Hendricks
👍 Yeni Rakı
Yeni Rakı Yeni Seri
Tekirdağ: Altın Seri
Soft Drinks
Water 33cl.
Water 75cl.
Spring Water
👍 San Pellegrino 75cl.
😍 Bishop Lemonade
Cola / Fanta / Sprite / Ice Tea
Red Bull
Hot Drinks
Turkish Tea
Turkish Coffee
Single Espresso
Double Espresso
👍 Latte / Cappuccino
😍 Nutella Latte / Sıcak Çikolata
Herbal Tea
Green Leaf Green Tea
👍 Morgentau Green Tea
😍 Vanilla Rooibos
Herbs & Ginger
Chill Out with Herbs
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